Saturday, July 9, 2011

Spiders are f*cking scary.

Yesterday, I was in the kitchen enjoying a nice cup of coffee looking out the sliding glass door at the beautiful day at its prime. I was contemplating the tasks of the day when, in a Little Miss Muffett-esque scenario, a spider descended onto the window just in front of me.
Let me pause to clarify that spiders absolutely terrify me.
So I'm keeping my eyes on the spider so as not to lose it (I'd much rather know where it is than be suprised again) and I'm trying to carefully strategize how to get rid of it, all the while emitting some sort of high pitched noise that must have alerted Mya to the dramatics ensuing. She came over to where I was standing and looked at me. Hi mommy. She proceeded to trace my steadfast gaze to the eight-legged monster. Ewww bug. Splat. She had high-fived the irachnid into oblivion. Feel better mommy? I'm not too sure, honey.

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