Friday, July 15, 2011

Mommy, look at my makeup on my brinkles...

The day before yesterday, we made the purchase I've been dreading for 3 years...Mya's first "big girl bed". I realize we waited a little longer than we probably should have, but my worrying mind just couldn't shake all the hazards of allowing her to have free roam. I think we may have waited even longer if she could have managed to not somehow entirely knock down one of the walls on her crib...I think she was trying to tell us she was over this little kid crap.
The first night with the bed started out horribly. She kept getting out, screaming like a crazy person and violently flailing her limbs when I put her back. On the 5th try, she finally gave in and slept all night long. "Nice", I thought. "I can do this! This was way easier than I thought."
Last night was a different story. Putting her to bed was reasonably easy. She wimpered a little bit at first, but went straight to sleep. This morning when I woke up, I found Husband and Mya asleep on the couch. When they woke, Husband explained that when he got up, he found her Pull-Up on the floor next to the potty. Some of my make up was strewn across the counter and his cologne bottle was missing its lid. He continued through the hallway to find that the baby gate we keep set up at night (blocking the living room and kitchen) had gingerly been taken down. Upon entering the living room, he saw that Mya was asleep on the couch naked. Her arms and face were adorned with some sort of mascara war paint and her cheeks were coated in a thick layer of blush. The television and ps3 had been turned on. We're assuming she tried to find Netflix to watch Blue's Clues as that is usually the case when she gets the controller.

She was so proud and happy to tell me her recap of the evening's events. They went something like this:
"Mommy, look. She woke up and she pee-pee'd in the potty. She put make up on her face and on brinkles and squirts in an eye. Kitty in there and she slept on the couch and she watch Ploo Ploos." 

Translations from Myan to English:
"Brinkles" - her word for eyebrows...not entirely sure why.
"Ploo Ploos" - Blue's Clues
She - doesn't neccessarily mean "she". Mya tends to refer to herself in third person.

This bed thing may prove to  be exactly how hard I thought it would be.

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