Tuesday, July 12, 2011

It must have been "Free labwork for geriatrics" Day...

I had to have more bloodwork done today and husband had to sleep (he works night shift) so I brought Mya along for the adventure. What could go wrong?
We got to the doctor's office to get my form to bring to the lab and she decided the waiting room was not feng shui enough and began rearranging. I gave her a pen and piece of paper to occupy her and avoid any further havoc while we were waiting. She decided that the guy sitting across from us filling out his forms needed a smiley face on his medical record.
We finally managed to get the form and shove off to the lab.
Upon entering, the first thing I noticed is that they expected us to wait in a 7x7 room packed with about 10 chairs. That is challenging enough for a toddler. Now, add 8 ladies and 1 man all over the age of 97. Once the cheek-pinching and oogling was done, we managed to sit down.
I suppose the lady next to me was uncomfortable with silence so she pointed out how "godawfully ugly" the paintings in the room were. A little more silence...Not satisfied with the lack of reaction she received, she leaned in to me, nodded to the one man in the room (huge bald guy with a beard to his belly button) and said in the softest voice I believe she could muster (which was not very soft at all) "You don't see beards like that anymore do ya?" I laughed nervously... More silence...
In the midst of the silence, the old man was involuntarily emitting small "mhm's" and "mm's". Mya began to echo them. "Mhm" "mhm"..."Mm um mm" "mum mm mhm"... for five minutes, this is what everyone listened to. My anxiety level had just about reached peak and Mya's was climbing. I checked our name on the list, still 5 people ahead.
We left. The lab work can wait. My sanity cannot.

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