Sunday, August 7, 2011

New Stats...

Another 4 hour doctor appointment...another gallon of blood extracted from my body....
A couple of weeks later, I receive a letter in the mail stating that I have been referred to a rheumatologist. Included in the letter are instructions for me to complete the registration process with the rheumy-1 hour away. Also stated in the letter is my diagnosis:  Myositis and Myalgia
"Wtf is Myositis?," I say.
A few hours of research yields minimal results. Myositis is a rare autoimmune disease that causes severe muscle pain and deterioration. Ten in one million get this. No real known causes. No known cure.
It requires aggressive treatment almost identical to the treatment given for Lupus. Corticosteroids, immunosuppressants, physical therapy...Life span is normal, so I will live long enough to suffer through this and will most likely be in a wheelchair by the time I reach 40.
Okay, I realize I'm probably overreacting. I just need to get these thoughts out. Bear with me.
I also have Myalgia. I know people who have this who are taking 5 medications to counteract the side effects of one medicine. Similar things can be said for Myositis-I just don't know any first-hand. I can deal with the pain, but the latter affliction is actually causing me to waste away. I refuse to pump myself full of drugs if it can be avoided. I don't want to waste away...

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